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With the body, we tell the story of being human

Aaben Dans is a regional theatre in Roskilde and works with dance as a form of expression. We make cross-aesthetic and innovative performing arts at a high artistic level with the body at the center.

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Thank you so much for supporting and collaborating on developing our new, beautiful website

Thank you for financial support from the Danish Arts Foundation’s Project Support Committee for the Performing Arts, the pool “Quality development projects at regional theatres” for the project!
And thanks to 1508 and Brand by Hand for good and intense cooperation on the development of the site.

New network will strengthen dance and choreography in Denmark

Press release:
Bora Bora, Dansehallerne, Momentum and Aaben Dans have joined forces to establish a new national network for dance and choreography. The purpose of the network is to support the development of the art form and to strengthen choreographers’ ability to produce and present throughout the country. The four key dance venues have made a joint analysis of the needs within dance and choreography, and central is the need for stronger relationships and increased cross-departmental exchange.

Development funds from the Bikuben Foundation:
The dialogue between Bora Bora, Dansehallerne, Momentum and Aaben Dans gained momentum in 2022, and in the spring of 2023, the Bikuben Foundation has awarded the four actors important development funds for a pilot project for the network with two practical instalments.
During the first instalment, which will take place this autumn with presentations in December and January, the four organisations are collaborating to program and tour an on-tour version of the format Open Laboratory, which Aaben Dans has run since 2012 with continuous development. In the second instalment, the four organisations will jointly curate an upcoming Danish-based production, which they will co-produce and co-present in 2024.                                                                            Based on the practical experiences from the pilot project, Bora Bora, Dansehallerne, Momentum and Aaben Dans will develop a forward-looking model for the network. It is the ambition of the four organisations that more actors become active partners in the network.

Registration for dance classes spring 2024

We have opened for registration for the spring dance classes. See the overview of the 6 classes we offer and sign up for you or your child on the page here…