Aabent Laboratorium – on tour

Aabent Laboratorium – on tour presents new short works and works in progress. Audiences can look forward to a total of four short performances created by four talented choreographers based in Denmark. The works are personal, sometimes raw, sometimes humorous and explore everything from indecision to self-love; the importance of remembering; the value of letting go. After the evening’s works, we offer a conversation with the four choreographers and dancers, so that both audience and choreographers leave Aabent Laboratorium – on tour with new inspiration and new perspectives.

MÉMOIRES PERDUES / Lost Memories by Julienne Doko (FR/DK)
A story of oppositions by Keren-or Ben Shachar (IL)
X Gone Wild af Andreas Haglund (SE)
Welcum to my wedding by Peter Scherrebeck (DK)

The performances are selected by Aaben Dans, Bora Bora, Dansehallerne and Momentum. Aabent Laboratorium – on tour is produced and presented in a collaboration between the four houses as part of the development of a new national network for dance and choreography supported by the Bikuben Foundation.

About the performances:

MÉMOIRES PERDUES / Lost Memories by Julienne Doko (FR/DK)
“For us the choice is made, we are among those who refuse to forget.”Aimé Césaire

Mémoires Perdues questions the concepts of collective memory and progress: Do we really learn from the experiences of the past? The performance is an emotional response to this seemingly endless repetition of pain. It’s a cry for the urgency to remember for our future. The perforamance establishes a dialog between past and future, movement and the spoken word. The choreographic vocabulary is African-modern and draws on Afro-Brazilian symbolism.

A story of oppositions by Keren-or Ben Shachar (IL)
The solo portrays a female character who is constantly moving between two poles of decisions between the doubt driven by fear, and the desire and dream of moving forward.
Indecision is a strange feeling of being between possibilities, in a limbo of opposites. The inspiration to create this solo came from an interest in how people make decisions, what drives us to make a decision and what prevents us from moving forward.

X Gone Wild by Andreas Haglund (SE)
X Gone Wild is a tribute to those who lose themselves to dance and find themselves in the wild. Drawing on Jack Halberstam’s work on a queer longing for wildness, the performance explores what wildness can look like in a dancing body. When does dance go wild? What emerges when the dust of a wild night has settled?

Welcum to my wedding by Peter Scherrebeck (DK)
A young hybrid bride decides to marry herself in a “solo” wedding ritual. Accompanied by a ghost. We follow the gradual creation of a bridal character through song, dance, sound and transformative actions. Welcum to my wedding is a sonic-somatic choreography that takes place between the visible and the invisible, the tragic and the funny, in a queer ritual of self-love.

Concept, choreography, performance, songwriting: Peter Scherrebeck / Misty Superdeluxe
Ghost: Ida Hørlyck
Costume: Oline Bronée
Music: Ari Merten

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Thursday, / 19:30
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At Aaben Dans

Rabalderstræde 10
Musicon, Roskilde