Between the Senses

A sensory walk that points to the body’s being in the world with choreographer Thomas Eisenhardt as your guide.Why do we need new products all the time when what we already have is so absolutely fantastic? This is not another performance. This is reality – experienced through 12 senses!

The senses become the bridge between our consciousness and our surroundings. We experience the world with our senses. And they always bring us back to the present.
Through specific instructions, the experience of the landscape and surroundings is focused and sharpened. Participants are guided through the senses – and the space between them.
The definition of a sense remains a cultural, biological and scientific subject. However, the sensory perception always leads us back to the present moment and our presence in the world. During this site specific event, the attention of the participants will be led through 12 different senses – and the space in between them.
The walk will take place regardless of weather conditions. Therefore we remind the audience to wear practical clothes and footwear, suited for the weather on the particular day (no umbrellas).
Unfortunately, the tour is not suited for physically impaired.
Parts of the tour will be in silence.
Meeting point: Parking lot at Kattinge Værk, Boserupvej 150, 4000 Roskilde.

The team behind

Guide Thomas Eisenhardt, Artistic Director Aaben Dans



Sunday, / 18:45
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In Boserup Forest


Meeting point

Parking lot at Kattinge Værk, Boserupvej 150, 4000 Roskilde