Aabent Rum

A development recidency and cooperation process

Aabent Rum is a 4-week residency programme in Aaben Dans’ space, where selected choreographers are invited to work at Aaben Dans with their own artistic work. The collaboration can take place over 1 year, where there are conversations about art, economy, organisation – and where the relationship is built.

For mutual benefit

In addition to studio and production space, we make the expertise and know-how of the theater available to the young artists. They decide what makes sense for them to work with – right where they are in their artistic career. Aaben Dans watches and listens – and provides ongoing guidance. The choreographers respond with inspiration – both to Aaben Dans, to the professional community and to the local audience in smaller screenings, interventions, workshops, symposiums, digital or other public events.


More about Aabent Rum

Previous artists in Aabent Rum

Ruth Rebekka Hansen with the performance and installation “Ripe Body”

Katrien van den Velden, Lara Vejrup Ostan and Ida Mariboe Nielsen with the performance SONG OF SONGS
Julie Rasmussen, Maren Fidje Bjørneseth and Rickard Fredborg in collaboration with filmmaker Morten Arnfred and music by Daniel Nicholson the film THE MEATLUMP
Fabio Liberti a moving installation of plastic and meat THERE IS NO AWAY/A SELF PORTRAIT

Snorre Elvin + Nanna Stigsdatter with the performance “pour it”

2019 – 2020:
Antoinette Helbing with the solo “The Laughing Game”
Georgia Kapodistria with the solo “BETWIXT AND BETWEEN”
Anna Lea Ourø and Amalia Kasakov with the duet “Just ok”

Terms and conditions

Aabent Rum is a choreographic development program curated by Aaben Dans.

Choreographers receive an honorarium and a small budget. They can choose to spend money on putting together a creative team, researching other people’s artworks, investigating a method or diving into their artistic work. Aaben Dans provides skills and knowledge to support the artist’s development.

The choreographers are carefully selected according to these criteria: they must be at the beginning of their professional career, they must have an artistic core and drive, they must have something to say and be based in body and choreography, and they must live in Denmark.

The choreographers provide inspiration for Aaben Dans, the professional environment and the local audience in smaller screenings, interventions, workshops, symposiums or other public events.

Aaben Dans emphasizes the relationship with the artist and invites the artist(s) of the year to participate in conversations, lunches, in the warehouse, in the administration and onto the stage. Aaben Dans is interested in the artist’s process, thoughts and development in both the present and the future.


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