Scenen i Laboratoriet

The “Scenen i Laboratoriet” is Aaben Dans’ stage. Here we premiere all our performances, hold rehearsals, training, workshops, courses and have dance classes. We have a collaboration with the theatre association Roskilde Teater, which shows some of their performances on the stage.

Photos of Scenen i Laboratoriet

Entrance to the stage
Scenen i Laboratoriet, with seating
Scenen i Laboratoriet, with seating
Scenen i Laboratoriet, rig
Clear space, no seating
Clear stage, no seating
Foyer in the studio next door to Scenen i Laboratoriet
Foyer in the studio next to Scenen i Laboratoriet

Facts about Scenen i Laboratoriet

The stage is 17 meters long, 11.5 meters wide (+ a small entrance area) and 4 meters high.

There is a sprung wooden floor with a permanent dance vinyl and access to a flexible audience set up with space for a maximum of 122 people.

There is a PA available, a dressing room with showers and a cozy foyer and bar.

We collaborate with the local fair trade shop Karibu for bar service at performances and events.



Technical specifications
Seating plan with centre aisle
Seating plan with side aisles
Measurements of the Scenen i Laboratoriet
Measures of the Scenen i Laboratoriet with seating

Thank you for the support from

The municipality of RoskildeĀ“s “Facilitetspulje” for the donation for LED lamps in the theatre.


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