A woman’s body – on tour

An image-rich, humorous and reckless cult performance about the body in transition.
Four wonderful women of the right age tackle the questions: What’s happening – what’s it like – where is it going?
Welcome to an overheated universe of flesh, fat, sweat, hormones and emotions.
A show about losing control and realising that everything is on loan….

Taboo after taboo is exposed until every aspect of women’s menopause is vibrated, screamed, cried, laughed and hugged away.
Dorte Grannov Balslev – iScene

Aaben Dans delightfully hits both the comedy and the anger of having the female body placed in the middle of a hot flash – in a generous and honest dance performance about falling into menopause. With a charming hot flash smile.
Anne Middelboe Christensen – Information

DAMEKROP is an equilibristic collage of the multifaceted expressions and emotions of the female menopause … The performance is for everyone. It should be seen by everyone, so we can open our eyes to what a quirky, beautiful and unruly thing menopause is.
Stina Strange Thue – Bastard

The team

Concept and staging Kamilla Wargo Brekling, Thomas Eisenhardt

Choreographer Thomas Eisenhardt

Director and playwright Kamilla Wargo Brekling

Performers Camilla Stage, Elke Laleman, Helene Kvint, Tomomi Yamauchi

Operator and technical crew Elke Laleman

Composer and musician Frederik Lundin

Choir Lise Kroner, Maria Kynne, Tine Refsgaard, Trinelise Væring

Set and costume design Kasper Hansen from KASPERSOPHIE

Lighting design and technical crew Brian Cordhomme

Tailor Tytti Sofia Hongisto

Trailer Adam Klixbüll Eisenhardt, Laura Käehne

Photography Ditte Valente, Per Morten Abrahamsen

Produced by Aaben Dans



Wednesday, / 20:00
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Thursday, / 20:00
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Friday, / 17:00
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Saturday, / 17:00
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At Aaben Dans

Rabalderstræde 10, Musicon, Roskilde

Tour specifications

Periods: Autumn 2022/Spring 2023
• Venue with seating for audiences
• Technical requirements: Total blackout, level-free access to the venue, sprung floor
• Measures of stage: Min 10x8x4m
• Power: 3x32A
• Full rig
• PA (L+R+sub).
• Dimmable house lights
• Get-in and setup: 4 hours with the help of 2 crew plus 2 hours for warm up before the performance
• Get-out and take-down: 2 hours with the help of 2 crew
• Access to washing mashine and dryer.
Price: 25.000 kr. ex. VAT (if touring in Denmark)