It’s Hot, It’s Not (GB/BE)

A fun and physical performance about the weather by Reckless Sleepers.
Should we bring an umbrella or sunglasses? The weather means a lot to all of us – we think about it and look at it from the living room window and when we’re outside we sense it with our whole body.
But it’s not always easy to understand… Why am I sometimes hot and you’re cold? Why are there sometimes puddles and sometimes not? How can it be sunny and rainy at the same time? And when it’s summer here, why is it winter there?
This surreal, fun and physical performance explores weather from summer to autumn, winter to spring.
Reckless Sleepers are known for creating bold, innovative and original performances that exist somewhere between visual art, dance and theatre.
By Reckless Sleepers (

The team

Performers Leen Dewilde, Kevin Egan, Alex Covell, Mole Wetherell and Rachel Piekarczyk

Devised by Mole Wetherell, Kevin Egan, Tim Ingram, Leen Dewilde and Alex Covell

Supported by INTEATRO Creative Residency and Arts Council England Production

Photography Camilla Greenwell



Sunday, / 13:00, 15:00
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Monday, / 09:15, 10:30
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3+ Y

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