Out of the Box (NL)

Physical, acrobatic and joyful performance about being limited but creative by The100Hands
Think outside the box! You’ve heard it a thousand times. In Out Of The Box, we see four dancers inside a box with bars. One of them wants to get out – another wants to have more space – and a third is trying to get in.
As an audience member, you are invited to get involved in the performance, which takes place both inside and outside the box. Should you stop someone trying to get inside the box, offer help, or…? Is that boy right there part of the performance or not? Would you like to climb inside the box yourself…?
Out Of The Box is a light-hearted reflection on the struggle of breaking free and the need to belong.
By The100Hands

The team

Concept Jasper Džuki Jelen and Mojra Vogelnik Škerlj

Choreography Jasper Džuki Jelen

Dancers Bryan Atmopawiro, Alison Duarte, Myrthe Marchal and Nathalie Schmidt

Music ArthurMusic

Costumes Esther Sloots

Box design Menno Boerdam

Box construction Jitze Wils

Photography William van der Voort

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Sunday, / 11:00, 15:00
Monday, / 10:00, 12:30


9+ Y
From 3rd grade

Hal 9

Lydmuren 18,