Ultra (BE)

A performance about masculinity with youngsters on stage by fABULEUS and Reut Shemesh Company
“It is harder to be a man today, and in many ways, that’s a good thing” (Christine Emba)
In this dance performance, a group of young people let their energy flow freely, explosively and vulnerably. Somewhere between celebration and rebelliousness, ULTRA questions what typical masculine behaviour is in times of change. But above all, it’s a portrait of a group of teenagers in a world full of expectations and labels.
The performance features nine young people between the ages of 15 and 21, all participating in a ritual of mixed joy and aggression that loudly reveals their vulnerability. ULTRA is a moving exploration of masculinity and addresses the challenges young people face growing up in a world with shifting norms.
Choreographer Reut Shemesh unites her interest in power and group dynamics with the personal question of so-called masculinity that she, as a mother, asks herself.
The performance is in English. Loud music and strobe lights will be used.
By Reut Shemesh (reutshemesh.com) og fABULEUS  (fabuleus.be)

The team

Concept + choreography Reut Shemesh

Creation + performance Andreas Crommelinck, Jinte De Greef, Luna Fall, Emma Ghijs, Kyano Holbrechts, Karsten Janssens, Glory Ofori-Asamoah, Mathis Schellekens, Ridder Seghers and Fien Simons

Choreography assistance Katja Pire

Dramaturgy Daniel Rademacher

Set, video + lighting design Ronni Shendar

Music Simon Bauer

Costumes Joëlle Meerbergen

Costume design assistant Femke Vanweddingen

Co-creation fABULEUS, Reut Shemesh Company, tanzhaus nrw, with financial support from the "Bündnis internationaler Produktionshäuse", Perpodium & STUK With the support of the city of Leuven, the Flemish Community, the Tax Shelter of the Belgian federal government, das Ministerium für Kultur und Wissenschaft des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen im Rahmen der Spitzenförderung Tanz und der Kunststiftung NRW



Friday, / 13:00, 19:30
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14+ Y
From 8th grade

Aaben Dans

Rabalderstræde 10