Aabent Laboratorium

Aaben Dans har udvalgt tre afgangs-værker af de studerende fra Den Danske Scenekunstskole og viser dem helt særligt i Roskilde.
Forestillingerne tager udgangspunkt i evolution, lyst og matematik. Baren er åben og efter aftenens program er der mulighed for at ”summe” på oplevelsen i snak med performerne.
Billetterne er gratis, men skal bestilles på forhånd.
Karibu holder baren åben i foyeren fra klokken 18:45 og efter aftenens program er der mulighed for at “summe” på oplevelsen enten selv eller i uformel snak med de andre gæster og performerne.
Kom og vær med

Godsibb By Ottavia Catenacci
godsibb is a solo that hosts different characters and scenes. It uses theatrical tropes and movement to navigate some sort of tale, generated through anonymous fiction donations. The fragmented fictional stories became part of a transformative world, where the heaviness of romanticism is lightened up, almost like poking up towards the light. As the passing of time, we are moved from a primordial world to the theatre space, witnessing the transformation of one/many bodies into one/many characters.
The work was possible thanks to the important support of the dramaturg Amelia Tan and the sound artist Eliza Bozek.
Choreography and performance: Ottavia Catenacci / Dramaturgy: Amelia Tan / Sound: Eliza Bozek / Mentor: Micaela Kühn

My body VS my systems of desire  by Ella Östlund
a song
is a dance is a scene is a sung song is a poem is an orifice is an action is a solo is a game is a group dance is a concert is a track is a monologue is loud is still is a gift is working is seducing is a ballad is a gasp is a chant is a shelter
She summons the ponder, that which can be given, the holds, the conflicts, sickness and health, the questions, me, you and swims with faith through cosmologies of words.
Choreography and performance: Ella Östlund / Consultation and guidance: Quim Bigas Bassart and Ida-Elisabeth Larsen 

Fermati by Bianca Shakti
“Let the Fermat theorem be a chorographical base, Isomalt a sensorial material, and movement an embodied thinking. If they exist in the same space, then their sum is fermati”.
Fermati is the stage presentation of a process that analyzes and investigates the relationships between mathematics, Isomalt, and movement.
How does one element serve the other? When do frictions occur? Can the problems encountered be solved? How?
Costume and help for scenography: Singrid Andréasson / Sound: Jacobe Suissa / Mentoring and consultation: Quim Bigas, Shai Faran, Ida Larsen, Rasmus Ölme.
+ Artist talk moderated from the stage  and informal hang out in the foyer

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