Aabent Laboratorium

Velkommen til AABENT LABORATORIUM med 5 forestillinger, der spænder over emner som den feminine krop, street art, tiden efter krigen, hukommelse og altings forbundethed.
Varighed i alt: 19.30 – 21.30 inkl. pauser. Vi slutter aftenen med en Artist talk for dem der har lyst.

REENACTMENT a solo by Roosa Törmä (FI)
It dives into a fantasy. It has gotten inspiration from animations, street art, and cinema as a concept. The performer’s imagination meets the real world, where she tries to find ways to move with her own created colorful and weird fantasy world.
Sound: Rafael Cañete Fernándes.
Roosa Törmä educated from  the Danish National School of Performing Arts in the summer of 2022.

Cluster Of Forces by Dorte Bjerre Jensen
A body that opens and shuts, that endlessly connects with other bodies and elements… it can become animal, become mineral, plant, become atmosphere, hole, ocean, become pure movement…a paradoxical body.” Jose Gil Sculptures, body, and a live double bass forms a cluster of forces on stage. Double bass: Luca Tomasicchio.
Dorte Bjerre Jensen: Education 2018-2016 M.F.A. from the Danish National School of Performing Arts http://dortebjerrejensen.dk/

We’ll breathe freedom by Anastasia Krasnoshchoka (Ukraine)
An envision of Ukraine after the war. When the mindset of the free world will change turning it into the place where no one is afraid anymore.
”In a reborn from blood and flame Ukraine. We’ll value every life given and taken away. We’ll breathe freedom. We’ll build a new reality.”
Anastasia Krasnoshchoka  Educated form: Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School 2019 – 2022
DK https://www.anastasiakrasnoshchoka.com/home

RIPE BODY by Ruth Rebekka Hansen
A performative solo installation. A reflexion of how the feminine expression is being dealt with. A fluid narration between subject and object. A deconstructed communal experience with the starting point in one body.
Ruth Rebekka Hansen: Educated from Balettakademien Stockholm 2018.

TO BE DOWN, TO BE UP by Alvilda Faber Striim
Here comes a dance. A fountain, a house and a head sitting on top of a body. Here is a beach affair and a pedestrian crossing. Here comes a dramatic moment. Here, hands are speaking and a mouth is laying on the floor. Here comes uncertainty and here, a correct sequence of actions without hesitation.
TO BE DOWN, TO BE UP proposes a space of fantasies and memories. As a body passes through a collection of stories, gestures and functionalities are being insinuated. The project explores what the body is already saying and what it could potentially be saying.
Performance and choreography: Alvilda Faber Striim
Sound: Aksel StriimPictures: Ottavia Catenacci
Alvilda Faber Striim  Educated from The Danish National School of Performing Arts, BA in Dance and Choreography 2019-2022

Spiller 27. okt. 2022



Hos Aaben Dans

Rabalderstræde 10
Musicon, Roskilde