Aabent Laboratorium

Aabent Laboratorium viser værker i udvikling af fem unge koreografer og grupper, der alle kredser om vigtige emner og udtryk. Billetterne er gratis, baren er åben og efter aftenens program er der mulighed for at tale med de medvirkende i en Artist talk.
Aabent Laboratorium shows a collaborative evening of five young choreographers and groups who perform a piece in development – all of them about important themes and expressions. The tickets are for free, the bar is open, and we end the evening with an artist talk. Please come and join us. Please come join us.

Mr. Rice & peanuts præsenterer et perfomativt værts eksperiement i foyeren fra19.45 og i pausen.
Give us a token, get an act. The audience is encouraged to engage with Mr. Rice & peanuts before the evening
starts, during the break and after the black box moment. During the evening Mr. Rice & peanuts will be roaming
the foyer looking to hook up with the audience.

Aron Nowak and Lotta Sandborgh / 20 min.
Forbrug, forbrug, forbrug?
How does consumption affect us and will it change our existence in the future? Realizing mortality, human
existence and loneliness can be dealt with in many ways. The behavior of over consuming is typical for the “Homoconsumens” who consumes everything; love, books, travels, events…

Emilie Gregersen / 15 min.
(Prem i 2020)
Et stykke om berøring i krydsfeltet mellem en digital og analog verden.
The piece studies perceptions of touch within a mutual influence and reflection between the digital and the
physical world. Touch is being stretched and distorted in the bridge between intimacy and distance, reality and
fiction, human and human-like.


PEDESTRIAN (Working Title)
Sophia Mage / 20 min.
Karakterer som vi kender fra den digitale verden bliver gjort fysiske i stykket Pedestrians.
Pedestrian questions the growing interface of digital and physical realms and the sensual experience of the
viewer and the viewed. By re-adapting qualities of digital-human characters Sophia aspire to compose a physicality
seemingly suspended within a shell of flesh.

Fabio Liberti / 15 min
Om hvordan vi håndterer, eller fornægter, det eneste uundgåelige i livet.
How one deals with, delays or denies the inevitable. For many, the pursuit of delaying death is a daily occurrence,
small activities that provide a sense that we are doing our best to stay alive.
Yet, the pending end strips us of control.
Too busy in our busy lives, lived at a rhythm purposely constructed not to think about its inevitable end.

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Kurateret af Aaben Dans og HAUT

Støttet af Kulturministeriet

Spiller 26. marts 2020



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