Assitej Workshop

w. Francois Fogel
Against all odds, international collaborations and green-transition
Anyone in the field of performing arts for young audiences working internationally has to face a large conjunction of adverse factors, that should normally keep them away from such an idea: lack of time for detection and budgets for hosting, language issues, administrative workload, visas, formal or informal policies fostering protectionism… In this tricky context, the emergency of re-orienting our working modes towards ecological sustainability comes as a additional dimension in complexity. Can we combine artistic diversity and a low carbon footprint?
This workshop is based on a survey of TYA presenters throughout Europe, regarding their green practices and the way they envisage international. It will introduce some deepened forms of collaboration between peers, that tend to optimise the ecological and ethical balance of artistic exchanges. ASSITEJ, which recently achieved the SHIFT eco-certification as an international network will also detail its policies.



s√łndag / 09:30



Byens Hus (City Centre)

Stændertorvet 1, 4000 Roskilde