Enjoy the good vibes from the last SWOP Festival

SWOP Festival 2nd - 6 th of May 2024


1-5 years / Daycare

Gro(w) (DK)

A performance about growth and growing up by Tiny Dancer and Aaben Dans

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10+ years / from 4th grade

Knotting Connections (DK)

An interactive performance installation about tying the ends together by Charlotte Østergaard and Lihn Le

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12+ years / from 6th grade

Transpor-tation Dance (NO)

A participatory performance workshop with Martin Slaatto

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7+ years / 1st grade

What can it do - and what should it do? (DK)

A sparklingly fresh physical fantasy about surviving in the civilised world – with wildness intact.

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14+ years / 8th grade

Ultra (BE)

A performance about masculinity with youngsters on stage by fABULEUS and Reut Shemesh Company

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All ages

Molar (Cat)

A performance for everyone who knows about happiness and dance by Quim Bigas Bassart

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All ages

Unicorns (NO/DK)

A performance for everyone who loves magic by the dance collective Nordlys

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13+ years / 7th grade

Forces (BE)

A hypnotic performance of primal power and technology by Bloom Project

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3+ years / Daycare

It's Hot It's Not (GB/BE)

A fun and physical performance about the weather by Reckless Sleepers

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6+ years / from 0th grade

The Lava Forest (NO)

A playful and fabulating performance in a sensuous scenography by Ingri Fiksdal

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9+ years / from 3rd grade

Out of the Box (NL)

Physical, acrobatic and joyful performance about being limited but creative by The100Hands

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All ages

Nesting (DK)

Nestling, Nestbuilder come. Come and braid branches and undergrowth, roof and ground cover.

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Welcome to SWOP - International Dance Festival for Children and Young People 2024

We have made a fantastic programme of dance performances from Denmark and Europe, for people of all ages. Whether you’re 1, 6 or 17 years old, SWOP has a performance for you. And they’re all suitable for adults too.

We hereby launch the performances of this year’s programme. You can look forward to our updates as more activities are added to the programme. Ticket sales starts on March 4th. All tickets are free!

If you are a professional guest who would like to watch performances at SWOP, you can read more and sign up for our professional festival programme here…



Replika (DK)

Young, local band energises Søjlepladsen with an energetic rock concert.

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Nesting (DK)

Nestling, Nestbuilder come. Come and braid branches and undergrowth, roof and ground cover.

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The Emergency Aid Orchestra (DK)

The emergency Aid Orchestra is an orchestra that works to strengthen respect and empathy through music.

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Connect (DK)

Connect is an invitation for curious and playful children and adults.

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About SWOP

SWOP is a festival that’s all about swopping and exchanging like crazy! Swopping performances, ideas and knowledge across regional, national and international borders and of course… swopping dance moves!
SWOP Festival is an international dance festival in Roskilde for children and young people.  The festival is biannual and has existed since 2012. It offers a wide range of performances from around the world as well as a wealth of different activities.
Do you want to be part of the SWOP family? Become a volunteer! Read more…
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More info

Tickets for SWOP are free of charge and must be booked directly through our website.
Booking opens on March 4th.
Become a volunteer
Every year the festival has a wonderful team of volunteers who help out during the festival with a variety of tasks.
Read more about volunteering at SWOP here…
If you are interested in volunteering or just want to hear more, please contact our volunteer manager Danielle at danielle@aabendans.dk.
For professional guests
We are looking forward to seeing you in Roskilde when SWOP Festival unfolds a beautiful dance – and art programme for the young audiences and the rest of us.
We have carefully planned a tour-de-SWOP for you and the other professionals where you will be able to attend all performances during the weekend May 3rd-5th.
Read more and sign up for our professional festival programme here…
Roskilde Kommune, Roskilde Kommune: “pulje til kultur- og idrætsarrangementer i Roskilde”, Danish Arts Foundation, Projektstøtteudvalget for Scenekunst: Kvalitetsudviklingsprojekter på egnsteatre, William Demant Fonden, Augustinusfonden and a private sponsor.